Expand Your Summer Shade with Custom Pergola Covers

Expand Your Summer Shade with Custom Pergola Covers

Florida homeowners actively seek out custom pergola covers to create additional shade and make outdoor spaces more comfortable year-round. Pergolas add a significant amount of shading and protection to patios, outdoor dining areas, sitting areas, firepits, and more, while maintaining an open and airy feel that you can’t get with other overhead covers.

Manage Sunlight and Excess Heat

In Florida, heat is often the main reason homeowners stay indoors throughout the warmer months. Pergolas are a cost-effective way to add shade without completely enclosing your outdoor spaces. 

Pergolas are built with wide beams to cast wide shadows throughout the day. Their open design allows for some sunlight, but provides maximum shade at most hours. Different width beams are used to create varying amounts of shade. Our team at Conner Exteriors can work with you to design a pergola that will be perfect for your space. 

By eliminating a percentage of the daily sunlight, you can manage both heat and sun throughout the day. 

Cover Patios, Firepits, Dining Areas and More

We can place your pergola anywhere depending on which sections of your outdoor space you use the most. Pergolas can stand alone or connect to your roof or the side of your house for a seamless transition into your outdoor space. This versatility makes them a great choice for homeowners wanting to add shade to any outdoor space. 

Add Value to Your Home

Pergolas are a beautiful way to define your outdoor spaces and incorporate an elevated look into your home. Their elegant, balanced style and open design is visually appealing and the shade they create adds financial value to the space.

Pergolas also make a beautiful structure for plants to grow around, which creates a transformed garden look in any backyard. 

Choose Conner Exteriors for Pergolas in Lakeland

We have more than four decades of experience building pergolas in Lakeland with structural integrity and sound craftsmanship. View our portfolio to see recently completed projects near you, and contact us today to get started on your pergola design.