Is It Time to Update Your Exterior Doors?

Is It Time to Update Your Exterior Doors?

Every year during hurricane season, residents’ homes face severe weather. If your doors have faced years of wear since they were last updated, it might be time to consider replacing some of your exterior doors with a new door installation project.

As you assess the state of your doors, remember to keep in mind all of your doors that lead outside, including glass doors, patio doors, and doors that lead into your garage, basement, or covered patio. Many people update their front door for curb appeal and added safety, but these same benefits can be added in a secondary door installation project.

Common Damages To Exterior Doors

Common weaknesses in exterior doors include cracks, warped wood, inadequate sealing, and frame damage. All of these critical door issues can impact their ability to protect your home from weather, bugs, air conditioning leaks, water leaks, and even home invasions. According to safewise.com, 34% of burglars enter through the front door, so regularly checking your home’s entrances is key to keeping them secure.

In addition, secondary glass sliding doors, screen doors, garage doors, and side doors tend to be weaker and more susceptible to damage. High temperatures, changing pressure, increased moisture levels, and winds during severe weather all can put stress on your doors and damage them over time. Wood doors warp, glass doors break, and metal doors can dent easily under these conditions. All homes are prone to frame damage as the foundations settle over time; door frames are some of the first parts of a home to show wear as a house ages.

These damages can lead to a variety of different issues over time. If your door is warping, it won’t be able to open and close correctly. This can be annoying and unsafe and can expose your home to invasive pests, water, and debris. Similarly, inadequate door seals and door frames will leak out your air conditioning and let in heat during the summer.

Benefits of New Door Installation

Installing new exterior doors creates the air-tight, secure protection your home needs. Heading into the hurricane season, a secure set of doors is a great way to ensure the safety of your home throughout the season’s severe weather.

In addition to weather protection, new door installation can protect your home from debris, water damage, pests, and burglary for years to come. A door installation project is usually a simple and quick fix that updates the security of your entire home and updates its curb appeal, greatly increasing the value of your home.

Did you know that, for years, replacement doors have ranked as the #1 home-improvement task that provides a 100% return or more on the cost of the improvement when it comes to resale value?

A replacement door installation project can make a huge difference in the design of your home. If your doors haven’t been updated since your house was built, it might be time to update the design. Replacement doors come in a wide variety of designs and materials, so no matter your budget and style, you can find the perfect doors for your home.

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