How Professional Vinyl Siding Installation Improves Energy Efficiency

How Professional Vinyl Siding Installation Improves Energy Efficiency

In today’s market, homeowners are selecting vinyl siding installation for three main reasons: budget, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. According to a study by the National Association of Home Builders, vinyl siding was chosen on 26% of new homes in 2018, selected for its superior performance in all three of these categories.

In terms of budget, vinyl siding typically has a lower up-front cost than brick or wood siding. However, it also saves money over its lifetime due to its high energy efficiency.

As for aesthetics, technology on vinyl siding has advanced so rapidly that it not only has the same look as wood or shingle siding, but it also feels the same. Today’s vinyl siding is identical in feel to wood options, making it a no-brainer choice for homeowners who are deciding between the two.

New grains, textures, and colors replicate natural materials, but in impervious and sturdy vinyl. You can achieve any look with this versatile option. Plus, it comes at a fraction of the cost.

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Improve Your Energy Efficiency with Vinyl Siding

Still on the fence? Vinyl siding takes the cake when it comes to energy efficiency.

When you’re looking to increase energy efficiency, the first place to check is your home’s exterior. Your exterior is your first defense against weather, heat, and other conditions that affect your home’s energy performance.

Insulating quality is measured in R-values. Typically, vinyl siding offers a higher R-value than brick, stone, stucco, fiber cement, and stone or brick veneers. Additionally, vinyl siding can be insulated for increased energy efficiency.

Vinyl siding lasts a lifetime with little to no maintenance required. Its longevity lends itself to a one-time installation, saving you money in the long run by avoiding replacement projects.

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Rely on a Professional for Correct Installation

While vinyl siding is a forgiving cladding to install, the benefits of professional vinyl siding installation allow for maximum energy efficiency, drainage, and insulation.
For more than 43 years, we’ve seen homeowners choose vinyl siding for its durability, curb appeal and lifetime of zero maintenance. Call us today for a free quote on a vinyl siding replacement project!