Protect Your Pool with a Pool Enclosure

Protect Your Pool with a Pool Enclosure

A pool enclosure can solve a multitude of issues for pool owners in Lakeland. Tired of bugs, leaves, and other debris filling your pool? Want to escape the sun and enjoy a dip in the shade? Want to spend more time swimming and less time cleaning your pool? Enclosing your pool keeps pests out to keep your pool clean and lets you customize the amount of sunlight you want to let into your pool space.

You can turn your pool into a more comfortable outdoor oasis with a pool enclosure from Conner Exteriors.

A Pool Enclosure Can Reduce Maintenance

Outdoor pools require time-consuming maintenance to remove bugs and debris from the water. Most pool owners are frustrated by the amount of work it takes to clean out a pool and how much it costs to hire a service to clean it for you.

Give yourself total freedom from pool care by enclosing your pool. Pool enclosures protect outdoor pools from leaves, sticks, pests, bugs, and more.

A Pool Enclosure Can Create Shade

With an enclosure from Conner Exteriors, you can customize whatever kind of roof you want to have – or not have – over your pool. Some pool owners want to enclose their pool, but leave it fully open to the sunshine.

If you would rather have some shade around your pool area, Conner Exteriors can build a roof over your pool that blends seamlessly with the style and materials of your home.

A Pool Enclosure Can Increase Privacy

Unlike a fence, enclosures can section off your outdoor space without blocking your view. Glass walls around your enclosure can keep in sound and cooler air if you want an added level of privacy.

Pool enclosures also can keep out wandering neighbors, neighbors’ pets, and kids, which can keep your pool private and safer.

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