Reasons To Have Screen Enclosures In Lakeland

Reasons To Have Screen Enclosures In Lakeland

Adding a screen enclosures in Lakeland is a great investment in your home’s value and square footage. It’s a simple addition that goes a long way, and many people add screen rooms to turn spare rooms into relaxing indoor/outdoor spaces.

Most people don’t have spare rooms in their houses, but many homeowners in Florida do have pools. According to Florida State University, there are more than 1.1 million residential pools in Florida. There are plenty of benefits to adding a screen enclosure around your outdoor space. Here, we explain the top three reasons homeowners in Polk County choose to screen in their backyards.

#1 Keep Bugs Out of Your Pool

One of the most annoying parts of having an unprotected outdoor pool is keeping bugs and leaves out of it all summer. Adding screen enclosures, Lakeland, around your pool is a simple way to protect it from debris and pests. With a screen, your pool is safe from debris, bugs, and animals that enter your water from those sources. A screen enclosure can protect your space from unwelcome elements from Mother Nature without totally closing off your space, so your pool is still an outdoor pool with all the protection of an indoor room.

#2 Add Shade to Your Outdoor Space

A screen enclosure surrounds the sides of your outdoor space and adds a roof overhead, protecting you from rain and the Florida sun. If you want to be outside during the day for pets and children to play, covering your yard is a perfect way to make the midday summer heat manageable.

Shading in your outdoor space with screen enclosures, Lakeland, is the most effective way to keep your pavement cool and your plants alive during the summer heat. If that isn’t reason enough, a roof overhead will keep leaves out of your grill and chairs, too!

#3 Add a Fence Without Blocking Your View

A screen enclosure is not the same as a fence, but it will effectively section off your yard without blocking your view. Without building an entire fence, a screen enclosure is a great way to separate your landscape from your neighbors. Screen enclosures provide a way to protect your space without the investment of a fence. With screen enclosures, Lakeland, you can add privacy to your backyard.

As an alternative to a fence, screen enclosures are beautiful and can be built in a style complementary to your home. A screen room will open your home to the outdoors without blocking it off. There is no better way to transform wasted space into a visually appealing screen room addition to your home.

Screen Enclosures in Lakeland From Conner Exteriors

Choose a home addition that can improve the value of your home and make your experience better in your outdoor space. Give us a call today to make the most out of your investment and relaxation in your backyard. We offer a great selection of screen enclosures to match your needs and your style. Call Conner at (863) 647-1561, and we’ll help you find the perfect fit for your home.