Replacement Windows: The Key To Summer Comfort

Replacement Windows: The Key To Summer Comfort

Replacement windows in the summer months are a great way for Florida homeowners to help improve their home’s energy efficiency, increase their property value, and keep the heat out, all at once.

Outdated windows can cause a variety of problems in your home during the summer. Poorly insulated, drafty windows are extremely energy inefficient. They let in hot air and leak out your air conditioning, running up your bills as well as the heat in your house. Similarly, run-down windows can’t protect well from noise, and they can make your home look outdated.

The benefits of installing replacement windows with Conner can cover all of these issues you might have in the summer. Here are our top three reasons why we recommend replacement windows as the one summer project that makes a lasting difference in both the comfort and the value of your home.

1. Replacement Windows Improve Home Value

If you haven’t updated your windows since your house was built, your home might be stuck with builder-grade windows, which often only pass minimum quality requirements. Low-quality windows don’t stand up well over time, especially if you open them often or if you are concerned with the circulation of air conditioning in your house.

Since replacing your windows improves energy efficiency and also the visual appeal of your house, new windows are a significant way to improve the value of your home overall.

Our replacement window portfolio showcases how the clean lines, updated paint, and fresh glass from replacement windows can make a house look brand new.

2. Replacement Windows Increase Energy Efficiency

Old windows, if not properly installed, become damaged and warped in the Florida heat, which can leave you with gaps around your windows. This kind of damage allows heat, air, noise, and bugs into your home.

During the summer, if your house is leaking your air conditioning and letting in hot Florida air, your electric bill will skyrocket. This puts extra stress on your air conditioning unit, which can cause it to break earlier than it should.

Replacement windows, when installed correctly, will seal all of these gaps and reduce your energy bills by as much as 25 percent.

In addition to the window frames, if the glass in your windows is old, damaged, and foggy, replacing it with clear, new glass is also important for keeping the heat out and the sunshine in this summer.

Energy-efficient glass can also help block out ultraviolet (UV) rays and damage, further reducing heat from coming into your home. This glass eliminates up to 84 percent of UV rays from entering your home, keeping it cool and preserving your furniture from fading over time due to exposure from sunlight.

3. Updated Windows Protect From Sound

In the summer, cookouts, fireworks, and barbeques mean your neighbors can get a little noisier. Keeping sound out of your home can be key to keeping your home comfortable and quiet. Replacement windows make a significant difference in soundproofing your home.
On the other hand, replacement windows are great for ensuring your privacy if you want to keep sound inside.

Well-insulated replacement windows from Conner are the way to a quieter, more comfortable home this summer. Provide your home with protection from noise and excess heat while updating the look of its exterior. If you need a proven, professional installation in Lakeland, call Conner today: 863.647.1561.