Starting Your Door Replacement Project With Conner Exteriors

Starting Your Door Replacement Project With Conner Exteriors

Looking to improve your curb appeal and the value of your home? A door replacement project is a great way to update the focal point of your exterior and also improve the security and resale value of your home. If you’re curious about what a door replacement project looks like, here is our typical process.

Starting Your Door Replacement Project

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If you’re starting a door replacement project, we provide a free, no-pressure project estimate at your home so you can finalize your budget and select for your new door. During this consultation, we can address any questions you have about the process and installation of your new door.

Next, you can choose what style of door you want to use. The doors we install are typically fiberglass doors, which are chosen for their solid core and foam insulation. Fiberglass doors are energy efficient and virtually maintenance-free; the absence of exposed wood keeps your door safe from water damage. Fiberglass doors last a lifetime or longer with proper installation from Conner Exteriors.

Our portfolio shows a variety of door styles that you can choose from. Typically, homeowners will first choose between a paint finish or a stain in their desired color. Bold colors like red and yellow create a bright, modern look, while neutrals can create an elegant or warm look.

Next, the hardware is chosen. We have multi-lock options available to increase security on your new door. These sturdy locks, combined with the strength of the fiberglass material create a secure front entrance for your home.

Before the installation of your door, we’ll get accurate, professional measurements of your door to get a secure, airtight fit. We have been in the door replacement business since 1979, and our years of experience guarantee accurate measurements and proper installation every time.

With these selections made, it’s time for installation.

The Door Installation Process

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First, our contractors will remove the existing door and prep the trim and fitting for the new door. Then, the new door will be set in place. Next, the insulation and weatherproofing need to be carefully installed to create an airtight and watertight seal around your door.

Then, detail work like hardware installation and painting will be finalized and the workspace will be cleaned.

Ready to seal and secure your home? Call Conner Exteriors to get a quote on a door replacement project today.