Three Reasons Florida Homeowners Should Choose Vinyl Siding

Three Reasons Florida Homeowners Should Choose Vinyl Siding

Florida’s rain and humidity are known to do some real damage to home exteriors that aren’t protected by vinyl siding. If you’ve ever come home to rotting, rusting, or damaged siding, you know how troublesome it is to have to upkeep an inadequate exterior. Metal and wood siding can be expensive and time-consuming to regularly maintain, which is why we often encourage Florida residents to choose vinyl siding.

Here are our three top reasons why you should consider updating your home with vinyl siding:

1. Florida Weather

If you’re investing in your Florida home, you already know how the weather affects houses in the Sunshine State. Storms, humidity, and regular rain corrode home exteriors that aren’t built to last. Metal siding can rust quickly and is also known to dent easily. Plus, painted metal can chip off of uneven surfaces. Wood siding is prone to termites, rots in damp air, and is expensive to repair.

Vinyl offers an integrity unmatched in other materials. It can remain unaffected for years by weather when it is properly installed, and it can protect your home from Mother Nature’s elements.

2. Damage Resistant

Your siding has benefits other than just a waterproof finishing touch on your house. At Conner, our vinyl siding is engineered to protect and last.

This addition to your home can help protect it from strong winds and impact from debris. It should securely attach to the side of your house to prevent water accumulation, buckling due to temperature change, and panel movement when the wind and pressure change. Expert installation by Conner also allows for air circulation, which keeps it from warping over time.

Because vinyl siding is so difficult to damage, it avoids wear and tear for a long time. This helps keep maintenance to a minimum.

Vinyl siding can be cleaned with a water hose — no pressure washer required. Also, all Conner installations are backed by our lifetime labor and material warranty, so you can be worry-free when you install vinyl siding with Conner.

3. Curb Appeal

Lastly, when the weather warms up and you start to spend more time in your outdoor space, you may really start noticing the curb appeal of your house.

In the spring, most Lakelanders are outside enjoying the sun, so make sure your house looks its best when your neighbors and friends pass by. The curb appeal and overall value of your home are greatly boosted by durable vinyl siding that looks great and lasts for years to come.

The wide variety of vinyl siding colors and styles available from Conner lets you choose the look you want for your home. Browse through the Conner portfolio of completed vinyl siding projects to see some of the options we offer.

If you’re interested in adding siding to your home or replacing your existing siding, give us a call at 863-647-1561 — one of our exterior experts will be glad to give you a free siding estimate and discuss our services!