Updating Your Windows for the Holiday Season

Updating Your Windows for the Holiday Season

As you decorate your home this Holiday season, don’t neglect your exterior! Outdoor decorations are what make each neighborhood feel warm and inviting throughout the winter, when lights and wreaths adorn every frame. Don’t be a scrooge and get decorating! Here are our favorite ways to highlight the exterior of your home by decorating your windows for the Holidays. From lights to wreaths, the opportunities are endless to get creative this holiday season.

Before Decorating: Check for Window Condensation

At the start of the season, check your windows for signs of damage. Condensation on your windows is an important thing to note as the weather changes. Typically, condensation is a big red flag for improper window installation. Because windows have direct contact with cooler outside air in the winter months, they are a vulnerable feature of your home. Interior condensation usually means that moisture is entering your house from outside, which indicates poorly-sealed windows.

If you have interior condensation on your windows, you have a perfect storm for mold and mildew to grow inside. Condensation can also absorb into the wood surrounding your windows and lead to rotting.

So, as you’re preparing to decorate your windows this holiday season, note any interior condensation and consider replacement windows if your windows are letting moisture in.

Test Your Windows for Leaks, Gaps and Cracks

Further window damage to check for includes gaps around the edges and cracked panes. Leaks and moisture damage can worsen quickly in cooler months, costing you money on your energy bill and making your home less secure. The next thing to pay attention to are damaged panes, which may have a gas fill if they were put together in a sealed unit. A crack in the pane can break that seal, leak the gas, and make your home less energy efficient.

To check your windows properly, first look at the caulking around the edges, which is what keeps water and wind from creeping in. Excess moisture let in by unsealed caulking can rot over time, so check your windows often to ensure they are secure. Finally, check for damage on your weatherstripping, especially in sliding windows, where it can wear down faster.

Winter Decoration Inspiration: Wreaths, Snowflakes, and More

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Evergreen and holly wreaths bring fresh, natural elements into your decorations and give a consistent, polished feeling to outdoor decorations. Wreaths can feature pine cones, ornaments, lights, and winter foliage to evoke the magic of the season. Window wreaths can match or complement your front door wreath, and you can add as many or as few as you want to highlight your windows.

Wreaths can be hung with magnetic hooks, suction cup hooks, or clear fishing line, depending on how easy it is to open each window and how difficult it is to access your windows from the exterior of your home.

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Create a white winter wonderland with snowflakes on your windows! Purchase them or make paper snowflakes together with family and friends for a more sentimental (and cost-effective!) option. Clear fishing line is invisible and allows the snowflakes to rotate for a magical effect… as long as they aren’t moving around due to window drafts. Stars offer a similar effect and can be lit to bring more light into your windows at night.

As you decorate for the holidays, note any worn or cracked windows in your home. Any gaps and cracks can create an unsafe entry point.

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Decorating windows with candles is a centuries-old tradition that adds a traditional touch to holiday decor. The warm light makes your windows look beautiful and warm. Avoid the fire hazard with electric or battery-powered options that will brighten each window just the same.

Similarly, string lights look beautiful on the outside of your windows. Use them as a border for each window or drape them inside for easier installation with the same effect. Lights are a great way to decorate picture windows that don’t have easy access to the outside.

For an elegant touch, decorate your transom windows as well! Every front door can use extra festive decor.

Contact Conner Exteriors for Window Replacement Today

Before you start decorating your windows this holiday season, call Conner Exteriors and see if your windows are ready to conquer winter temperature changes. In cooler weather after a long, hot summer, windows can shift and settle, allowing drafts to come in. At Conner Exteriors, we’ve been in the window replacement business since 1979 to improve builder-grade windows that are ready to take on any holiday season. All of our window replacement projects come with a lifetime warranty guarantee so you can focus on decorating your windows, and not fixing them!

If you’re curious about upgrading your windows, give us a call for a free quote on a window replacement project!