Carports and Walkways

Carports and Walkways


Often, homeowners without garages on-site seek to add additional outdoor shelter to their property through walkways and carports. The Florida sun is notoriously hot in the summer, which can be damaging to outdoor equipment.

Carports Protect from Excessive Heat

Cars left out in the Florida sun can reach uncomfortable and even dangerous temperatures. Vehicles left in the sun can attain dangerous temperatures quickly and can take hours to cool back down. Preventing your car from getting too hot in the first place can be one of the best ways to stay comfortable all summer long.

Families with young children and pets often look to shelter their cars from the sun with a carport. Carports provide necessary shade for personal items that need shield from the heat of the summer sun.

Keep Debris Away

Covering your outdoor space can protect from more than just extreme heat, though. Walkways and Carports keep leaves and excess debris off of your property as well.

Conner Exteriors’ custom walkways and carports in Lakeland create a safe and beautiful place to store your vehicles and other valuable items like tools, grills, lawnmowers, and boats. Each of our carport projects is custom-designed to fit your space and house whatever you need. Our team of designers can help you with inspiration for your project so your space truly works for you and your needs.

Why Choose a Conner Exteriors Carport?

Conner Exteriors carports are stable and secure, built carefully with experienced craftsmanship that ensures your carport will last a lifetime. The design of your carport can be a seamless extension of the style of your home so it offers protection while increasing the value of your home.

We offer a wide variety of materials, colors, and styles so you can create a custom carport that matches the look you want. Are you ready to get started on a carport project? Give Conner Exteriors a call for a no-pressure quote on a carport addition today.