We’ve been in the business of updating windows since 1979 to improve builder-grade windows that are often chosen with a focus on low cost instead of energy performance and safety. These do little more than fill a hole in your wall and allow heat and cold to pass through easily, but your home should be equally cozy, energy-efficient, and beautiful.

Old Windows Are Drafty

Over time, windows that aren’t properly installed become drafty, hard to open, and warped as a house settles.

Drafty windows let out climate-controlled air, which puts unnecessary strain on your air conditioner, increases the time it takes to heat or cool your house, and costs you money on your energy bills.

Updated Windows Are Well-Insulated

Well-insulated replacement windows and doors will keep your home more comfortable by sealing up drafty edges and keeping the cool air inside. Replacement windows can greatly lower your utility bills and increase your home’s curb appeal and value.

Additionally, replacement windows can also lend themselves to reducing ultraviolet heat & damage from UV light in your home. Damaging rays can discolor your furniture, art, and wall color, but Energy Star windows can protect from UV rays and keep the excess heat out.

Conner Exteriors, Your Window Company in Lakeland

Replacing your windows with a window company can make a big impact on the beauty of your home’s exterior. Our portfolio boasts a wide variety of colors, finishes, and materials to create windows that match the style and budget of your home.

With all the available options and choices, it may seem like finding the right combination of the best products, great service and low price is a daunting task. We’ve been installing replacement windows and doors since 1979. We know what works for Central Florida homes and what doesn’t.