Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosures


Most people in Florida might not have a spare room to transform into a brand-new sunroom, but many Florida homeowners do have pools. You can easily turn your outdoor pool space into a more comfortable outdoor oasis with a pool enclosure from Conner Exteriors.

Keep Pests out of Your Pool

One of the biggest reasons people enclose their pools is to keep bugs and pests out of the water. One of the most time-consuming parts of pool maintenance is removing bugs and debris on a regular basis. Covering your pool area with a screen enclosure protects it from leaves, sticks, and other debris from coming in. It also makes a significant impact on the bugs and pests that can access your pool.

Another great benefit of adding swimming pool enclosures is that you can completely customize the roof over your pool area. Whether you want to keep as much sunshine as possible or if you want to add more shade, you can customize the roof of your pool enclosure to let in as little or as much sun as you want.

Shade and Shelter Your Pool Area

Your pool enclosure roof can reduce your sun exposure to give you an outdoor area to enjoy year-round. Many homeowners shade their outdoor areas to keep sidewalks, patios and other concrete areas shaded and cooler during summer months.

A screen enclosure is not the same as a fence, but it will effectively section off your yard without blocking your view. Without building an entire fence, a screen enclosure is a great way to separate your landscape from your neighbors. Screen enclosures provide a way to protect your space without the investment of a fence.

Ready to Invest in Your Outdoor Space?

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