Screenrooms can turn your unused porch, patio or deck into a living space that can be enjoyed year-round. Screenrooms and screen enclosures allow you to enjoy the fresh air and summer breeze without worrying about annoying pests or daily weather forecasts. Screenrooms create a safe haven outdoors where you can enjoy the fresh air regardless of rain.

Transform Your Indoor Space With a Screenroom

Imagine sitting back and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors while entertaining family and friends in your brand new screen room. Screenrooms provide the ideal environment to unwind with family after a long day or entertain friends on the weekends.

There is no better way to transform wasted space into a visually appealing addition to your home or create more livable space out of your outdoor living areas. Adding a screened porch – or updating an existing deck or patio – is one of the most impactful ways to add value to your home. Screenrooms maximize your existing space, and as we know, adding livable square footage typically increases the value of your home.

Screenrooms Turn Unused Space into an Outdoor Paradise

Indoor-outdoor living is the height of the Florida lifestyle. In Lakeland, where weather is unpredictable but bugs and rain are sure to come, screenrooms can create a more enjoyable outdoor experience right from the comfort of your home. Turning your unused space into an outdoor paradise is possible for every home, lifestyle, and budget with Conner Exteriors.

Having a screened porch is a dream of many homeowners – and buyers! For some, it’s nostalgic of childhood; and for others, it simply reflects a love of being outdoors. Some homes are purchased because of the screened porch and outdoor spaces alone. Just about anyone who has one will admit his or her love for screenrooms, and Conner Exteriors can help you turn this dream into reality.

Get a Quality Installation from Conner

At Conner Exteriors, we’ve been designing great looking spaces for homeowners for over 43 years. We know the importance of a quality installation and work with only the finest materials available.

Visit our gallery of screenrooms to view our past work to see what is possible for your custom screen room.